As part of this procedure a plastic sheet will be heated and with the help of a so called thermo form converted into a three dimensional component and cooled down again. For this process several materials are suitable – often used raw materials are ABS, PS, PMMA (plexiglass), PC (Makrolon), PETG, PE and PP.

As experienced specialists we are producing first class thermo forms for customers of the food- and packaging industry, electronic- as well as automotive industry.



We are producing individual thermo forms that are used to manufacture drink and yoghurt cups as well as flap packages including stapling of it. Our portfolio also includes the production of complete form-fill- and seal lines.


Display packages – called blister – are offering manifold possibilities to attractively present goods. Kaefer is producing high quality tools for the manufacturing of single and multi-material blisters, that will be adjusted to the form of your products.

industrial packaging

For the industrial sector thermo forming is often seen as the beneficial alternative to injection moulding. Especially for low and medium size series it’s economic beneficial. Depending on the demand of the customer we are manufacturing highly productive forming tools that are used for manufacturing of stacking pallets as well as other components and small parts.