gauge, test fixture, wage labour


High precision tools like our, were requesting us include the manufacturing of gauges and the of single parts into our portfolio.

Gauges are indispensable resources to secure production steps and achieve short turnaround times.

Fast availability of your single parts is an important concern, therefore we have common tool steel on stock.

gauge, test fixture, wage labour


To monitor and document the quality of products we need test and measuring equipment of the highest quality and accuracy.

Our gauging area produces:

  • individual adjustment gauges and standard reference gauges for edge adjusters of editing tools
  • Gauges to put onto the too – directly in the system or externally via a device.
  • Foreman with champion points to adjust and verify the gauges
  • Test- and tracing gauges to monitor the processes during stamping of components
test fixtures

For constant product quality as well as for rational quality monitoring we are producing the test fixtures based on your specification. Both individual clamping devices for parts which need to be worked on manually and test fixtures to control the circularity and/or ripple examinations of punched parts are produced in their manufacturing lines.

work labour

Our experienced employees are producing complex single parts with the highest accuracy requirements based on your drawings and data, as well as individual assemblies including mounting. In addition, we are producing serial parts for mechanically machined tools. For that we offer a broad spectrum of production processes. You’ll find the performance overview in our machinery list.